Machine safety analysis



In accordance with the statistical data, nearly 70% of accidents at work are related to machine operation. This is also the scale of the human, financial, material losses that are incurred by the production companies. The machine safety management must therefore be an equal element of the company’s management. Real success only applies to those companies where the safety and health of employees is strategically important. The general principle of creating a safe and healthy working environment is that everyone who contributes to the implementation of the work processes creates and is responsible for safety. Designers, producers and suppliers and users of machines: employers, supervisors and operators.

Machinery Directive

Requirements for machines in the EU

One of the actions aiming at improving safety is to introduce requirements for machines and equipment used in the work process. The Machinery Directive is the basic regulation governing this issue in the EU; it was implemented in Poland by means of Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 21 October 2008 on essential requirements for machines (the Journal of Laws 2004, no. 204, item 2087, as amended). Design solutions of the machines must ensure that their operation, installation and servicing, in accordance with their intended purpose, are carried out without risk to humans. The taken remedies must ensure that the risk of an accident during the expected operation period of the machine, including the time when the machine is being assembled and disassembled, is excluded.


Adaptation of machines to legal requirements

When designing and constructing the machines and developing the manuals (operating and maintenance manual), the producer must take into account not only the situations normally encountered while operating the machine, but also any other situations that may reasonably be expected. We are able to help any employer thanks to many years of experience of MASIL OUTSOURCING specialists in adjusting to legal requirements. Thanks to our actions, it is possible apply low costs and avoid large investments related to e.g. the replacement of machinery park. Creativity, large experience and good materials make us a good partner when you are thinking about improving your existing machinery park or upgrading it.


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