The initial training

The initial training must be carried out before allowing the employee to work at the workplace. It consists of two parts: the General Instructions and the Position Instructions. The employee certifies the course with his/her own signature on the initial training card.


General instructions:
The purpose of the training is to acquaint the employee in particular with the basic occupational health and safety regulations included in the labour code, in collective agreements, or in employment regulations, provisions and principles of occupational safety and health applicable in the workplace and the principles of first aid in the event of an accident. It is intended for all people who start working in a given workplace.



Position instructions:
The purpose of the training is to provide the employee with information about the factors of the working environment in a given position and in his/her immediate environment, as well as about the occupational risk associated with the carried out work. To acquire knowledge and skills on how to protect against occupational threats and accidents threats in normal working conditions and in emergency situations, as well as knowledge and practical skills in the safe operation of the entrusted work.



It is designed for the newly employed in the workplace and other places where there is exposure to harmful, dangerous or hazardous factors for employees transferred to such positions and in case of changes in technical and organizational conditions, i.e. in case of a change of technological process, change of organization of workstations, introduction of substances harmful or dangerous to health and new or changed tools, machines and other equipment. The training is also intended for students during their apprenticeships and pupils gaining practical occupational knowledge.

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